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BA storage warehouse of more that 3,000 square meters is 3 km from the Beijing 798 Art District. The warehouse is equipped with advanced security monitoring and temperature and humidity control systems. It is a qualified art work storage warehouse recognized by Ping An P&C Insurance Co. of China Ltd and Chinese Life Insurance and Axa Art Insurance. BA can provide safe, stable and reliable storage service for clients’ precious articles.


1、Service Item

Focusing on serving the art industry, we provide a wide range of personalized services and meet the special needs of different customers and partners at the same time. We provide professional, reliable and personalized service for extensive customer groups, including museums, galleries, auction houses and art exposition, brokers, and private collectors.


2The safety measures

Monitoring system: strict safety rules and regulations, perfect entrance guard, security guards and check-out control system;

Guest registration: loading and unloading of all items are finished in the same security area under professional monitoring and operation.

Closed-circuit television monitoring system: 24 hours of security and electronic monitoring system; Video can record and trace any changes in internal space and surrounding environment.

Entrance guard system: equipped with different access door CARDS and keys, which is convenient for customer to choose;

Stainless steel space doors are equipped with riot gear box and riot bars.

Fire protection system: inert gas automatic fire fighting system covers the whole storehouse. Smoke detectors, thermal and water detection system.

Recognition system: wireless scanning and barcode system enable us to track the whole collection. 


3、Storage space

Personal storehouse management: personnel management space have the privacy of independent storage space with the advantages of personal management and several practical storage service.

Independent storage space: provide independent treasury of 50 square meters with double lock encryption security system and private space of 70 square meters, 300 square meters, 400 square meters or 500 square meters, meeting customer’s demand for privacy.


4、Expenses standard

We have a charge standard per square meter per day for tenemental independent space;

We have a charge standard per piece work per day for storing art work;

Payment method: the quarterly payment in advance


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