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BA Be Yourself establishes spiritual home that is yearned and sought by citizens. BA helps citizens experience unique, comfortable and tasteful life from art business and art cultural travel. Centering on art, combining with culture, fashion and entertainment, BA plans, designs, invests, operates and manages in connection with commercial projects and regional development. 

Art Creator


BA Be Yourself brings international art resources and uses art, design, hand work, photograph, music, movie and other studio groups as carriers to provide supportive promotion, art work transaction, merchandise development, guidance for starting business, art training and other services for artists who joined in. BA is a brooder of art industry and platform of international communication.

Artistic theme Business


BA Be Yourself has cooperated with many commercial estate project. It has not only operated city artistic theme business to create art atmosphere but also hold art activities to create unique commercial model that rolls art, fashion and entertainment into one. Thus, it assimilates art into business and our life.

Art Cultural Travel


Beijing International Flower Port/Hangzhou Huang Gongwang Hermitage

BA Be Yourself develops local excellent natural resources, humane environment and historical stories and brings art, music, drama, performance, exhibition and other content to create tourist destinations that take art and culture as theme.