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Art Fund Management

With the help of the Mei Moses Fine Art Index, we are able to quantify and assess artwork. BA is thus able to propose optimal art investment portfolios for investors. BA's strict process of fund management, economies of scale investment and professional oversight help make maximum profit for the investors possible.


Art work mortgage credit service

BA provides exclusive modern art work mortgage credit service for collectors with financial institution and provide more financing platform and safer purchasing channel for the collection of modern art work.


Art work financial lease

BA cooperates with financial institutions to provide wide ranging art work financial lease service with rational rent, thus let clients get the latest modern art work in the most economical way.

As one of the first institutional members of the Artwork Authentication Center of the Copyright Society of China, BA uses the artwork identity card system based on the information records of individual features of each work. By entering this artistic-DNA information into the database, the system helps artists, collectors, investors and the art market to identify counterfeit works, imitated works, substitute works and to eliminate problems constantly encountered in the art market today.