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BA Discovery is BA's subsidiary company which specializes in commercial art exhibition creativity and production. Based on the definition “Practitioners of Art+Business”, it provides art exhibition solutions for commercial space(Market&Public Square), public places(city public places&culture and nature sight) and art space( cultural museum&art museum), and also it participates in these exhibitions. All exhibitions emphasize interaction and participation of public and art, and create art value for the regeneration of commercial space and community culture.

I Can Pay Art Carnival


I Can Pay Art Carnival is created by BA Discovery through 5-year experience of “I Can Pay Art Festival”. It takes “I Can Pay”as its core idea, “Let art step in all families”as its goal and builds a big physical art transaction platform, exhibition platform and entertainment platform in commercial space. It gradually develops social cognition degree to modern art and increases customer flow in commercial space, meanwhile it helps shopping center earn profit from art merchandise and exhibition ticket and leads the shopping mall to develop well. 

Monet' Garden Images Show


Organized by BA Discovery, Monet' Garden Images Show was a perfect fusion of technique and art. The exhibition uses the latest magic visual sensing technique and represents the work which emphasizes on “Light”“Shadow”in the new multiple displayed way. It uses multimedia, lighting and sound effect to bring gorgeous and thrilling experience to audience.

Van Gogh' Lodge (Upside-down Lodge)


Van Gogh drew the picture “The Bedroom at Arles”to show his house. BA Discovery reinterpreted the painting and there was the Van Gogh' Lodge (Upside-down Lodge). Designers added the concept of upside-down lodge to the painting's original feature. Through the upside-down space, designers created new visual angles and a wonderful trip through time.

Modern Art Exhibition


Modern Art Exhibition gathered elite modern art work. The articles on the exhibition were all selected from modern artists' excellent work of reserve value, including oil paintings, sculptures, woodcuts, potteries, traditional Chinese painting, colored glaze, etc. BA Discovery brought exhibitions from art museum to commercial space, which let art exhibition step in audience actively. This activity not only brought new artistic experience to audience, but also transformed commercial space splendidly.